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University classes

University classes at USPU are a unique opportunity for students to extend their subject knowledge, range of interests and systematic preparation for the entering into higher education. The advantages of studying in the university profile classes are:

·         fundamental training for the exams;

·         training under the guidance of leading teachers of the university to the contests and competitions, the results of which will be considered for admission to higher education institutions of the Russian Federation as an individual student achievement;

·         individual development of students at the expense of resources of additional educational programs of the university;

·         assistance in personal and professional self-determination.

In university classes creative pedagogical collective works, whose main task is to create the most favorable conditions for the development of personality of the student. The educational process is carried out by qualified professionals, candidates and doctors of science, exam experts. Lessons will be held in classrooms and laboratories of the main building of the university.

Training is provided on the budget (free) basis according to the federal basic curriculum for the educational institutions of the Russian Federation realizing the general education program. The author's training programs developed by teachers of university are oriented to the strengthened subject preparation, development of intellectual qualities and individual capabilities of students by means of a subject. The training program also includes special elective courses and trainings aimed at personal self-determination of students on formation and development of the organization, project culture of seniors.

There are provided paid additional educational services of students’ choice for the purpose  oа improvement of  the personal qualities of students, disclosure of scientific, artistic, sports and other abilities. Also students of university classes have an opportunity to use library of university, after classes they can visit sports and creative sections, gyms, the pool "Petrel".

Upon completion of training graduates of profile classes the university will receive a certificate of secondary (full) general education of the state sample.

You can ask the questions by phone:

(8422) 44-30-48 or in the cab. 349-A, 3rd floor of the main building of ULSPU.


Director of university classes: Balashova Valentina Georgiyevna, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor.

Contact telephone number: 44-30-88, Department of Pedagogics.

Deputy director for educational work: Petrenko Elena Leontyevna, candidate of pedagogical sciences, associate professor.

Contact telephone number: 32-39-01, Department of Management and Educational Technologies.

Deputy director for studies: Volkova Natalya Anatolyevna. Contact telephone number: 44-11-09, Department of the Higher Mathematics.

Psychologist: Semenova Iya Anatolyevna, candidate of psychological sciences. Contact telephone number: 44-30-88, Department of Psychology.

Class teacher 10 A (philological direction): Mitrofanova Natalya Aleksandrovna.

Contact phone: 44-30-48.

Class teacher of 10 B (chemical and biological, physical and mathematical directions): Frolov Daniil Anatolyevich, Candidate of Biology, associate professor.

Contact phone: 44-10-09, Department of Biology and Chemistry.

Education and methodology specialist: Mitrofanova Natalya Aleksandrovna.

Contact phone: 44-30-48.

E-mail: [email protected]