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Entry into Russia for International Students and Anti-COVID-19 Measures at the University

Russia has restored air traffic on a reciprocal basis with the following countries:

Abkhazia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cuba, Ethiopia, Finland, Germany, Greece, India, Japan, Kyrgyzstan, the Maldives, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Serbia, the Seychelles, Singapore, South Korea, South Ossetia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Egypt, Syria, Tajikistan, the United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam


Dear UlSPU International Student,

If you are a citizen of the above countries or you have a residence permit in these countries or another document confirming the right to permanent residence in these countries, you are allowed to enter the Russian Federation through air checkpoints across the state border of the Russian Federation.


The list of countries allowed for entry of foreign citizens will be updated as new orders of the Government of the Russian Federation are issued. It is also recommended that you follow updates on the official website of the Government of the Russian Federation.


Procedure of Entry into Russia for International Students

To enter Russia:

•         notify the university by email ([email protected]) of the date of entry into the Russian Federation and the border crossing point at least 10 (ten) days in advance. This stage is MANDATORY!

•         receive email permission to enter Russia;

•         take a PCR test for COVID-19 in your country no earlier than 3 calendar days before arriving in Russia.

•         when crossing the Russian border, be sure to have a medical certificate in Russian or English confirming a negative COVID-19 test result.


In Russia:

•         upon arrival in Ulyanovsk, contact the UlSPU International Relations Department by phone +7 8422 44 10 92 or by email [email protected];

•         within 72 hours after entering the territory of Russia, retake a PCR test for COVID-19 (Med-Profi Medical Center, Ulitsa Dvortsovaya 1);

•         while waiting for a second negative COVID-19 test result, observe the self-isolation regime at the dorm (Ulitsa Zheleznodorozhnaya 13A). All training is carried out in an online mode;

•         students are allowed to take offline classes if they have two negative test results.


Important! If you feel unwell during self-isolation, immediately contact the UlSPU International Relations Department by phone +7 8422 44 19 92, and dial «112» or the phone number specified in the voluntary health insurance policy.


On campus:

•         training is carried out in a mixed mode;

•         sanitary standards (antiseptic, masks) and social distance (1.5 m) are observed during classes;

•         temperature is taken upon entering the university building. Persons with the symptoms of cold are not allowed to enter UlSPU.


Important! It is recommended that you check back regularly for updates as new information becomes available.