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Main building

Students’ Sports Club

In September 2012, the sports club was revived and reformed into the Students’ Sports Club in 2020. Currently, the Student Sports Club is a structural unit of UlSPU. It is engaged in the development of physical culture and sports for students, it collaborates with nationwide organizations, such as the "Association of Students’ Sports Clubs of Russia" and the "Russian Students’ Sports Union".

The head of the Students’ Sports Club is Andrei V. Rafayenkov.

The Students’ Sports Club oversees the "SPARTA" students’ association, presided over by a student from the Faculty of Foreign Languages, Amina T. Gafarova.

Since May 28, 2020, the Students’ Sports Club has been a member of the Association of Students’ Sports Clubs of Russia.

Key Areas of Focus:

·      Fostering a culture of physical activity and sports engagement among both students and university staff.

·      Providing opportunities for students and staff to participate in physical activities and sports during their leisure time.

·      Cultivating an awareness of the significance of a healthy lifestyle among students and staff, fostering the creation and execution of innovative programmes and projects within the university aimed at advocating healthy living, as well as sports and recreational activities.

·      Contributing to the preparation of highly qualified specialists for the nation's innovative economy, ensuring they meet modern employer requirements and achieve an appropriate level of physical fitness for well-rounded social and professional involvement.

·      Establishing sports groups, sections, and teams across various disciplines, offering both methodological and practical support in organizing their activities.

·      Developing and executing sports and wellness programs.

·      Organizing and hosting sports and recreational events within the university.

·      Participating in sports competitions at various levels among universities in the Russian Federation.

·      Creating conducive material and living conditions for highly skilled student-athletes to effectively balance their academic and athletic commitments.

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