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Scientific Journal "Science Online"

Dear colleagues,НАУКА ОНЛАЙН.png

We invite you to publish your articles and the results of theoretical and experimental research in the new online scientific journal "Science Online" of Ulyanovsk State Pedagogical University. The journal is primarily aimed at publishing research papers of young scientists, including teachers, graduate and postgraduate students, undergraduate and college students, as well as anyone interested in contemporary scientific issues.

The journal is distributed exclusively as a web-based electronic peer-reviewed periodical and does not have a printed version. “Science Online” is published once in three months. It has been in circulation since December 2017.

Media registration certificate:

El No. FS77-75253, dated April 1, 2019

ISSN 2712-8326

The journal is registered in the Scientific Electronic Library E-library

Agreement No. 189-06/2021, dated June 9, 2021

The journal covers general and complex problems of natural and hard sciences.

Permanent sections:

  • Physics and Mathematics

  • Chemistry

  • Biology

  • Technology

  • Informatics, Computer Science, and Management

  • Agriculture

  • Pedagogics

  • Medicine

  • Geology


Note: To submit your article for publication, please send your application and the full text of the article via email to [email protected]. The author guidelines can be found on the website of the journal.


Konstantin K. Altunin, Candidate of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor