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Master’s Degree

The Number of Positions Available for Admission at UlSPU for Master's Degree Programmes in 2024

Provisions No 3

Information on conditions for admission to UlSPU to obtain a Master’s Degree.

List of entrance exams.

Priorities of entrance exams results for ranking lists of candidates for enrollment.

Minimal number of points required to enter UlSPU.

Entrance exams procedure.

Provisions No 6


Pedagogical Education

  • Basic Sociology and Political Science
  • Contemporary Russian Language
  • Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication
  • General Physics
  • Information Technologies in Education
  • Physical, Economical, and Social Geography
  • General Pedagogics (General Methods of Teaching)
  • Anthropobiology
  • Theoretical and Methodological Basics of Physical Education and Sports
  • Pedagogics (Methods of Teaching)
  • Theories and Technologies of Primary Education
  • History of Russia
  • Contemporary Basics of Teaching Russian Language and Literature
  • Mathematical Modeling and Informatics
  • General Didactics (Theories of Methods of Teaching)
  • Methodology of Teaching Mathematics
  • Chemistry and Methods of Teaching Chemistry
  • Ecology
  • Methodology of Teaching Biology