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The Russian Language

Ulyanovsk State University of Education has a preparatory department for foreign citizens. It is aimed at preparing foreign citizens and stateless persons for applying to Ulyanovsk State University of Education and other universities in Russia.

The preparatory department offers several training courses. The basic Russian language course (one academic year) covers the Russian language in accordance with the chosen training profile. The choice of training profile rests with the student: technical, economic, humanitarian, medical-biological, and natural science. The distribution of training by profile allows students to gain basic knowledge in Russian in the necessary disciplines.

The preparatory department has two more additional programs: “Intensive Course of Russian as a Foreign Language: Elementary Level” and “Country Studies”. The duration of each program is 3-4 months. Training is conducted in Russian.

Training is possible both on a contract basis and as part of a scholarship from the Russian government. After successfully completing the program, students receive a standard certificate.


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Working hours of the UlSPU International Relations Department: Monday-Friday from 8.30 till 17.00

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