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Main building
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+7 8422 44 30 46

Main building

Research and Innovations Office

The Research and Innovations Office (RIO) is a structural unit of UlSPU, responsible for the organization and coordination of research and innovations activities.

The primary objective of the RIO is to create an environment that would encourage the university teachers to participate in scientific and innovation projects.

Through its work, the RIO strives to contribute to the continual improvement of the research and innovation accomplishments of UlSPU, as evidenced by key performance indicators.

The main objectives include:

  • Providing a favourable environment for the advancement of fundamental research at UlSPU. This serves as the foundation for generating new knowledge, the development of innovative technologies and scientific schools, and the formation of leading scientific and pedagogical teams. Also, special emphasis is placed on applied research and experimental projects.

  • Meeting planned performance R&D indicators achieved by scientific teams, and ensuring their high-quality standards.

  • Creating opportunities to stimulate more active and effective participation of both experienced and young scientific and pedagogical staff at UlSPU in grant and research competitions and ongoing R&D projects.

  • Facilitating an increase in external funding for R&D projects from both state and non-state funds.

  • Creating organizational conditions to support the entire process of training scientific staff at UlSPU, encompassing student research work and successful defense of doctoral dissertations. Emphasis is also placed on the improvement of performance indicators in research conducted by UlSPU students and on their active involvement in scientific projects led by scientific teams, schools, and individual scientific and pedagogical workers at UlSPU.

  • Effectively and efficiently managing scientific and technical information and providing comprehensive information support for research activities of scientific and pedagogical workers at UlSPU.

  • Offering patent and licensing support for R&D projects and innovation activities conducted at UlSPU.

  • Promoting the integration of scientific and innovative activities of UlSPU with the educational process.

Email: [email protected]

Office of Doctoral Studies

   Anastasia N. Kuvshinova – Head of the Office

    Natalya V. Aksyonova
Consultant on Educational and Methodical Work
     Evgeniya V. Pichushkina
Consultant on Educational and Methodical Work

Tel.: +7 8422 677573

Email: [email protected]

   Office of Research Work Organization and Patent Licensing Support


 Aleksandr Yu. Zelenikin
Head of the Office


  Ekaterina A. Romanova

Chief Consultant

Tel.: +7 8422 443069

Email: [email protected]

Office of Research Work of Students and Young Scientists

 Lyudmila N. Belonogova – Head of the Office

Candidate of Sciences in Pedagogy, Associate Professor

   Tel.: +7 8422 443069

Email: [email protected]