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Main building
Mon.-Fri., 8:30-17:00. Sat. 8:30-14:00
+7 8422 44 30 46

Main building

Centres for students’ extracurricular educational and recreational activities

  • The Languages and Cultures Centre provides language courses for school and university students. One of the most important projects of the Centre is the annual "Festival of Languages".
  • The Humanitarian Centre has been functioning at the university for 20 years. Students of the Faculty of  Physical Education and Sports help to organise various events for the rehabilitation of wheelchair users: "Sports of equal opportunities", "Social routes of accessibility of sports to the young with disabilities", "Paralympic sports for young people" and other.

  • The Cultural Centre – carries out the activities for the development of the creative capacity of the students.

  • The Sports Club carries out activities for the development of physical culture and sports for students.

  • The Legal Assistance Centre provides students with help and advice in legal matters.