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Main building
Mon.-Fri., 8:30-17:00. Sat. 8:30-14:00
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Main building

Cultural Centre

The Cultural Center of UlSPU plays a key role in organizing leisure activities for students and encourages students to participate in cultural events at UlSPU. The Cultural Center has been functioning since 2012. Yekaterina Vyacheslavovna Bespalova is the head of the Center.

The main aims of the Cultural Center are as follows:

·        involving students in taking an active part in various cultural and leisure activities;

·        finding out what students are interested in and what they are good at;

·        development of amateur art activities at UlSPU; helping students improve their performing skills; expanding the repertoire of UlSPU’s creative teams;

·        finding new ways to organize leisure activities for students;

·        organizing various contests, festivals, shows, discussions, celebrations, theatrical performances etc.;

·        organizing visits to museums, theaters, cinemas, etc.;

·        collaboration with creative teams of Ulyanovsk to help organize cultural events;

·        participation in cultural and leisure activities in Ulyanovsk and the Ulyanovsk region;

·        participation in municipal, regional and all-Russian competitions, shows and festivals.